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Powered by Automotive Research & Design's 28 years of experience in Advanced Vehicle Technology, Panoptic encompasses all vehicle systems in technical training. From Hybrid and Electric Vehicles to CNG and Fuel Cell, Panoptic leverages the rich technical history of AR&D to develop training solutions that fit all needs and levels of skill. 

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ASE L3 Certification

Test Prep Course




Instructor-Led Training!


Don't just pass the ASE L3 Test (Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist) .. know the systems, understand them, and apply your knowledge and freshly-minted ASE certification to your career!


No Ordinary Credential


Get started on the 3-course  path to the

SAE International Certificate of Mastery: Advanced Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Diagnostics 


Level 1

Level 1 (blended learning)

Level 2

Level 3 (coming soon!)

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